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Saturday Afternoon

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About Jayme Summers

I grew up in Texas, but Georgia is where my kids were born and raised. A big piece of my heart sits in a small coastal town in Southern Georgia.

My daughter Truth is the kind of woman that I wanted to be, growing up. Having an adult daughter has been like having a built in best friend. She is absolutely amazing. My wonderful son is away at college studying a type of engineering that I can’t spell. 😊 He is such a joy to me and his creativity astounds me. Any time I can get time with them, it makes for a great day.  

One of the greatest pieces of advice I've ever received didn't come in the form of advice from my former Pastor and family friend, Brother Roland Dann. At the time there had been a lot of debate over the location of the nails. Were they in Jesus' hands or wrists? I asked Bro. Roland what he thought, and he responded with "Does it matter? What really matters is that he was hanging on a cross and dying for our sins.". That one statement, 20 years ago, is something that stuck with me. I constantly ask myself if my focus is on the nails or the cross. 

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