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I am a traveling nurse and I need strength. this experience coming here has been difficult. I can’t find a furnished apartment. I have a dog, I took her to daycare she got sick that night has kennel cough. She is a big dog and stuck in the room all day. I am so frustrated and do not understand why this is happening to me. I am so stressed out. Need a lot of prayers. Thanks


Hi my wonderful brothers and sisters at the Fish Nashville!Please say a prayer for me i am saved yet homeless at 74 and the stress and tiredness is leaving me very weak! GOD richly bless you brother Danny 7/7/21


Please pray for Jae. He committed adultery, left his family and continue justifying his actions. He needs truly repentance before Jesus and his family. He needs Jesus love, grace and salvation.

Unspoken request. Struggling today and need God’s protection.

My husband quit his job to pursue real estate 2 years ago, and he has only made about 5 sales since then. I work full time and still don't make enough money to support us without him contributing to our bills and expenses. When I try to talk to him about money, it makes him depressed and we argue. The thought of him getting even just a part time job shatters his entire world. Please pray that we can communicate effectively and that he makes some headway in his career, or that he is open to a part time job to help with our expenses. Please pray that we are sustained and do not run out of money. Please pray that I have the strength and motivation to continue to show up and work, when I'm the only person in my home working.

Prayers for healing from a brain aneurysm


Please pray for my church, Holy Family, that the new pastor & my boyfriend Gene are filled w the Holy Spirit accrd to Eph 3:18 & that BOTH men are convicted by the Holy Spirit accrdng to 1 Jo 5:16. Break every demonic stronghold in Gene. Heal our relationship & strengthen the love & bond between me & Gene so we can begin our prison ministry & fight for God together. Prvbs 16:3 the Lord tells me to tell Him of my plans & He will establish them. & ask God 2 forgive my mom of all the wrongs that she has done 2 me & bless her since she still taught me how to worship God therefore I am able to find eternal life in Jesus name

Please pray for me. I am struggling with some things right now. I also wanted to ask you all to please pray for specifically that Jesus Christ will help me find a wife. I struggle a lot with being single and I truly desire to be married. I worry a lot that I will never get married and I need God's mercy and help with finding the right Christian lady to marry. I really do desire a marriage that is blessed by God, Proverbs 18:22. Please pray that Jesus Christ in His grace and mercy will help me find and marry a wife who is beautiful to me, the helpmeet who is best and right for me. Please pray that Jesus Christ will help me be a good husband. Thank you. May God bless all of you.

Please pray for me. I need healing in my head and my whole body. I am in pain.

please pray for Jae Lee salvation. He is committing adultery, lies to his family and continue justifying his actions. Jae Lee needs salvation, love and grace. Only Jesus can rescue him. Thank you


The test Friday had to be stopped because the were seeing total blockage in the stomach. The barium was not coming out out all. The doctor said we could not put anymore barium in or I would be in trouble. So we could not complete the test. Hernia. So I need lots of prayers!!  More testing is required. He said it is serious.

Hello, my name is Joshua Yu and I am 19 years old. I live in Florida. I have been suffering from psoriasis since I was 11 years old and it's only gotten worse. PLEASE please help me pray for my complete healing from psoriasis. God Bless. Thank you very much.

Please pray with me as I continue Praying over my daughter Hannah for a sudden and abundant restoration of her relationship with Caleb, complete healing of their hearts and a second chance to have a lifelong, God-centered relationship. In Jesus name!

My dad took his own life last August very shortly after I discharged from eating disorder treatment. I readmitted to treatment a month after his death because I needed extra support to get through what happened. I had been doing well the last couple months. But recently I’ve been struggling hardcore with the eating disorder, self harm, and suicidal thoughts myself. I’m plagued with memories of that night. Constantly I’m questioning what I did wrong, how I could have saved him, things I should have done differently that night. My mind is taken over by memories of his death and the constant questions I have around it all. I miss him so much in every single way and every single moment of the day. I am requesting praying for peace to come over my mind. Strength to be able to fight against Satan’s attacks on my mind. And strength and courage to continue fighting the eating disorder and self harm. Also prayers for my mom and I. We don’t talk about my dad and that makes things harder as well.

Please, pray for Jason and his family to realize God exists, to know that Jesus loves them, to desire Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, and to be saved. Please, pray for me to follow God’s will. Thank you!

Hi pastor and all my wonderful brothers and sisters at the FISH Nashville!People can say and do whatever they want but there is one thing they cannot do is stop us loving GOD with all our hearts and from loving each other and loving and praying for them!GOD richly bless you brother Danny 5/13/21 p.s In light of the fact i am saved yet homeless at 74 sleeping under the highway bridge asking prayer for strength in every area of my life

Please pray for me. I am very sick. I fell down and need healing from head to toe.

Please pray for my neighbors. One is having open heart surgery, another is due to have her baby any day now, and a co-workers son keeps getting fluid filled lumps on his ear and they have no clue as to what is causing them. Also pray for provision for my family I was recently diagnosed as having diabetes.

Please pray that my wife taelyr draws near to Jesus in this tough time. That she surrender her heart completely to Him. Please pray for the restoration on my family. Thank you


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