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Please pray for me and my husband. We are desperately seeking God's healing and redemption in our marriage. We just started a 21-day fast in response to Isaiah 58:6/8, "Isn't this the fast I choose? To break the chains of wickedness, to untie the ropes of the yoke, to set the oppressed free, to tear away every yoke. Then your light will appear like the dawn and your healing will come quickly." God is breaking decades-long chains of wickedness. Please pray for healing and for protection from the evil one as we fast. Thank you. Amy

Please pray for me. I struggle a lot with being single. Please pray that Jesus Christ will help me find a wife. I am worried that I will never get married and I need God's mercy and help with finding the right Christian lady to marry. Proverbs 18:22 says that he who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the Lord. Please pray that Jesus Christ in His mercy and grace will make this verse from Proverbs become a reality in my own life soon and that Jesus Christ will help me be a good husband. Thank you so much. May God bless all of you.

Please pray for Warren and Kenneth and their families to be born again.

Please pray for Valarie and her entire household to be born again.

Please pray for Mary to be healed from cataracts and other health issues.

Please pray for Amy and her entire household to be born again.

Please pray for Andrea to stop smoking cigarettes and become born again and develop godly friendships.

Please pray for Andrew to stop drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes and marijuana. Please pray for him to return to the LORD and fulfill whatever purpose the LORD has for his life.

Please pray for Reginald to be approved for his prostetic leg by his health insurance and not lose his other leg to amputation. Please pray for him to be healed from diabetes. Pray for him to stop smoking cigarettes and be born again.

Please pray for Andrea to be healed from mental illness and become employable again.

Please pray for Pamela to be healed from her physical ailments and be strong enough to walk. Please pray for a full recovery and restoration to perfect health.

I am asking for prayers. My boyfriend has been struggling with drug addiction and finally went to rehab. Pray his time there is healing and he will come out knowing jesus loves him and that he is free of this desease. Pray for me that i can stay strong and listen to the lord. His name is andrew


Please pray for my Mom now. She is having trouble breathing & is in the hospital. She is being moved to CCU. She's 73 and is in kidney dialysis. She’s in and out of the hospital so much. My Dad recently passed away unexpectedly. She lives out of town so I can’t be right there. Thank you!!

My husband blames me for everything. He is a good man. I think he worries about everything. (Job, money, broken relationships etc) I really don’t know what to pray for him. I guess God will open his eyes to truth, peace and to see me not as the problem.

My dad (John) is 75yrs old and is having excruciating back pain. They have already given him a couple of epidural shots, but they are not working. The next step is surgery. Please pray for miraculous healing so he won't have this excruciating pain anymore and so he won't have to go through the surgery in Jesus' name!

My prayer might sound insignificant to some in comparison to others I have read but God knows of my need for this is great!! I am in a medical situation that is causing me to change my life and the dream I have dreamed for years recently came to fruition and although short term, I got to live it for a couple of months, now must move on! I am in need of selling my horse and need God’s blessing it will happen asap, have someone coming tomorrow and praying they will buy so I can continue on with treatment of my medical issues! In Jesus’ name I pray, as I pray for ALL who have submitted their prayer request! Amen!!!

I would like to ask you pray for my mental health and for my family.

Jesus says ALL things are possible with God. Please join me in praying for my husband as he battles lustful desires. Pray God will "make all things new" and replace my husband's lustful thoughts with righteous thoughts. In Jesus' Mighty and Powerful Name. I believe.....

My elderly parents may have been exposed to COVID while at church. Please pray a hedge of protection around them that know virus or disease will affect them or enter their body in Jesus name!

Please pray for my neice Brenda. She is really stressed out from working at home and taking care of her two year old. She is also trying to deal with marital issues. Please pray for peace and healing.


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