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I would like to request prayer for my friends Patrick who is struggling with with developing a relationship with God, with having good friendships, with enjoying his work and what to do for a career, with being a member of a church and succeeding in living out his life goals. Pray that God can meet his needs in these areas and do for him what he knows not to ask that he actually needs. (6/8/22)

Hi pastor and all my wonderful brothers and sisters at the Fish Nashville!Please say a prayer for me I am saved yet homeless at 76 in NYC. I hope I am not getting sick, I was tired but now I am feeling tired and weak and that is when your prayers save my life for whatever that's worth!GOD richly bless you brother Danny 9/29/22

please pray for good people &charities to solve the problem with new home for 2 Dachsund dogs whose owner is too sick to take care of them. Thanks

Please pray for me. I have several prayer requests that I need prayers for. I am praying for those who need prayers as well. Thank you and God Bless...????

I received some heartbreaking news. Prayers for God to richly provide everything our family needs to get through this trial. Thanks and God bless you!


Please pray for my brother he is sick, he has fluid in the lungs. My brother live in Mexico his name is Martin . Thanks.

Please ask God to save and rescue my 22 yr old son Nick from depression and drugs. Pray he surrenders to God and serves Him all the days of his life. Please pray for Peace for me as I fast for him. THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS

My dad's shoulder is bothering him, My brother is having some health issues, & My kitty snuck out and he's an indoor cat. He's been missing for a few days.

Let's all pray for God's intervention for a lost and dying world while there still is time. ????

Praying for a financial miracle! Need all the prayers I can get...thank you and God Bless!!! ????

Please pray for my husband Gene & his adult daughter Melissa that the Lord send a miracle into their relationship now & that God grant them repentance leading to knowledge of the truth & they may come to their senses according to Timothy 2:24.

Please pray for me I am very sick.

Please pray for my girlfriend. Pray she would be protected and freed from a spirit of grumbling. Pray she would be protected from influences that encourage grumbling. Pray she would be protected from the schemes of the enemy.

Please pray husband Felix salvation marriage deliverance from alcohol FATHER GOD restore my marriage remove his rudeness give him life love compassion towards me in Jesus name thank you

Please pray for DJ who is having surgery on TH 8/4. Pray it will be successful, the doctors will get all the melanoma, and that it has not spread to the lymph nodes. Please pray for healing and for DJ’s anxiety and fears – that she will feel God’s peace and comfort.


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