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Looking for employment asap. Days. Part time. ??

Please pray for wisdom & salvation of my son Jon Christian & his new wife Morgan. They don't speak to me so I ask God to please someone into their lives who Loves Jesus & will keep them close to the Holy Spirit for the Lord promised me in Isaiah 54:13 that all my children will be taught by the Lord & great will be their peace. He also promised me in Isaiah 49:25 that He would save my children & I know that His word doesn't return Void.

76 yr old widow whose homebound with parkinsons terribly depressed lonely full of anexity and just tired of feeling like God doesn't hear me but that's not true I list all faith and peace and since lost husband of 47 years have been having biggest pity party so mentally and physically killing myself need to know to find God's joy. Don't believe I was ever happy or joyful even in childhood. I know it's my choice to fund joy but don't know where to start

Please pray for 30 cats who stayed at shutdown plant. Pray for cats in the market, campus, on pedestrian street, by the station to get a food, water regularly, be safe and protected and get a home. Thanks

Please pray for our mom, Tam, she is still in the hospital recovering from sepsis. Please pray our mom responds to the antibiotics. We are believing God for a quick full recovery. We really need our mom home. Thank you

I was diagnosed with the Shingles almost 2 weeks ago. I am in terrible discomfort. I don't see the doctor until Thursday. Please pray for me.

Prayer request in the area of deliverance from demon as iam opressed by demons and would like this demons to be casted out. Sir iam Daniel Chandra from Fiji island and iam born again christian, Iam also in debt and Iam suffering, as well as my children, these evil spirits are monitoring me day and night and their purpose is my destruction, everyday i undergo physical torture and from last ten years iam hearing their voices day and night, thank you.

Please pray for my family during this difficult time. My daughters are adopted and my oldest is fighting a lot of demons right now from the trauma she endured during her first 8 years of her life before she was taken into Foster Care. She is currently getting some much needed long term help. We miss her very much, but know that this will help her learn skills she needs to live a productive life and thrive in her adult life.

Please pray for my daughter. She has diabetes. She is sick with a sinus, ear, stomach flu, and upper respiratory infection as well. She needs a miracle touch from God. I have another daughter with an abscessed tooth.

Please pray healing for Alan’s health and body and he is well.

I have been under so much stress that my hormones have went out of balance and my menstrual cycle stopped abruptly. Praying for my body to come back balanced and my menstrual cycle to come back.

Please pray for my husband to seek the lord after his affair. That he can be happy and in love with me once again. That he will make our marriage his top priority. We have five children. They need their father. Please pray that satan releases his hold on him. Pray that his councilor can help him. That he can cut his soul ties with other woman. Please pray that my husband will stop drinking and release his overwhelming guilt. That he will continue to live with us and repair our marriage. We love him. We love the lord. We feel satan is attacking our family.

My request is for continued strength in hope for the lord. It's easy to give up and fall into doubt. My husband said he is leaving me. He struggles with substance use and lies. I know struggles make us stronger,but untill then it's hard. Thanks. K

Please pray that God makes a way for me and this nice woman named Kristin, who I met a few days ago, to see each other in person because we talked about on New Years Eve and we have a strong connection to each other but somehow we couldn’t talk communicate with each other. Lastly, please pray that God provides for me, my family, and for my household

Please pray for a miracle and a positive outcome. Thank you.


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