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I'm a single mother who lost my job and I'm behind on my rent praying God makes a way so we arent evicted and my health is failing god bless

Please pray for my dad he losing his job in March and please pray for he find a job

My daughter Danielle is expecting her fifth child she needs house to live in please pray for her

Please pray for my my cousin she has brain cancer she had her first chemo yesterday the doctor said that she has a 50 50 chance of living or diying and know 5 years know that it's going to work


please pray for animal charities, no kill shelters, all pets to be safe and protected by law and government here. Also pray for their financial security an enough food for all pets. Thanks

pray for my dad he has been healed of liver cancer and know battlng kidney issue pray for me also to have strength for him and my mom to help any way i can

Please Pray for the Complete Healing from Covid and Pneumonia for my Mother currently fighting for her life in the hospital. In Jesus Name Amen!

4 unspoken.

Please pray my mother is healed of uterine cancer and comes out of surgery with no complications. He surgery is Jan 13th.

Please pray the magistrate revokes/dismisses the legal matter on Jan 6'21 at 10am a relative E has put against me when I am innocent and is motivated by grief, vexatiousness, malice after our mother passed. Let her have a revelation of God and her behaviour and the judge order she gets help and she is answerable under the fullest extent of the law. Blessings R and kitties Ps I watched I Still Believe - Jeremy Camp. I love America and Americans! Please also pray the public housing tenant L is removed and I and the area is made safe. Kitties and I always safe and protected and our home.

Lord Jesus Christ. Lord Jesus Christ Keeps me safe and Warm every day And he's forever Inside my heart Beating Away and I'm smiling today Because the lord Jesus Christ is in my Heart every day Amen I Love You Lord Jesus Christ.

David P
Lord, I thank you today; I praise you for your goodness and mercy. Father, I am asking you to look on my situation. I'm praying that you would touch my body and heal me from this affliction and praying that you would give me peace in the midst of this story. Lord, apart from you, we can do nothing, but in you we can do all things through Christ. So I'm praying that you would move mightily on my behalf and that you would not only protect me and the the children, but also foil the plans of him who is truly up to no good. Thwart his plans and let his own greed fall upon his own head and overtake him. Lord, defend and uphold the innocent and punish the guilty. I know you are able and I am putting this all in your hands. In Jesus' name...AMEN

My brother Scott has just gotten out of a long term relationship. I'm really glad he did because it was a toxic relationship and was for the best. However, he is 50 and has never really been out on his own, and is struggling very badly. Please pray that he finds a place to live that he can afford and that he can find a good Christian girl to settle down with. He has a heart of gold and deserves to be happy!

Please need prayer for those who are in the health care field, they need a break. Send us a person who can help us with repair my husband's ramp it is getting unsafe. Be with our leaders to use Our Father's help in making decisions. Quit dividing people against each other. We need each other in these times of sickness and covid. Amen

If you believe ALL things are possible with God, please pray for my husband (Kevin) to overcome the stronghold of lust and be set free. In Jesus' Name.


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