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Dear Prayer Warriors, I'm 49 and had an MRI last Friday, and the doctor called me today with the results and said I have a tumor on my left frontal lobe. I'm waiting for a call to have a biopsy scheduled. I'm VERY ANXIOUS, NERVOUS, and SCARED!! Please pray for peace and agree with me in prayer that the tumor is benign and for complete healing, and recovery in Jesus' name! Amen


Good morning. i know you should always pray for others and believe me I do but I am really in need of one of those prayers. I have been married to the most beautiful woman in the world for 26 years and my love for her is still as strong today as it was in the beginning. however I don't feel like we are the couple we use to be and everyday I wake up hurting for the relationship we use to have. I am a Christian and divorce has never entered my mind. I just want my beautiful wife to be happy and I will do whatever it takes for her to be happy. I guess I just need a little help from God because I know for a fact he put us together for a reason. he also blessed us with 3 wonderful children. all I have ever wanted in this life was to have a family, raise some kids and grow old with my soul mate Dayna. so please help us strive to live out our lives together so we can serve our Lord and become that couple we used to be. thank you for your time and have a blessed day.

Prayers for my family and I, we lost my Mom. Prayers for my Dad, they were married 55 yrs just shy of 56 years.

Please pray my husband and I to finally be blessed to have a baby. We've been trying for 9 years. Struggling with hormonal issues and weight issues. I would really love to adopt if I could ever afford it. So, please just pray for us. Also, pray for my strength to stay strong through all of my health issues.


Pray for my husband to spend time with Jesus today. And in that time that he will be open to God speaking to him and he will feel Gods presence. Pray God will begin to restore him.

Please pray for me and my family, for financial blessings, thank Jesus we are all healthy but since May 2020 I'd been struggling a lot. Today I'm late 2 months on my rent, pawned everything of value I had, all the electronics, kids tablets, everything. I work for my own on bodywork, in the streets, and this rainy and cold weather is affecting my labor. Can't make a lot some days I'm just making $10 or $20 enough just to reload my prepaid power but not even able to buy food. I'm a father of 4 and I provided for my father in law who lives with me. I was a preacher and prayer warrior not to long ago before I moved to Tennessee. God Bless whoever prays for me and my family and provide for them.P.S. Tomorrow is my baby's 3rd birthday and I don't even have money for food.

Please pray for my cousin paula brain cancer in stage 3 does not look good

I'm a single mother who lost my job and I'm behind on my rent praying God makes a way so we arent evicted and my health is failing god bless

Please pray for my dad he losing his job in March and please pray for he find a job

My daughter Danielle is expecting her fifth child she needs house to live in please pray for her

Please pray for my my cousin she has brain cancer she had her first chemo yesterday the doctor said that she has a 50 50 chance of living or diying and know 5 years know that it's going to work


please pray for animal charities, no kill shelters, all pets to be safe and protected by law and government here. Also pray for their financial security an enough food for all pets. Thanks

pray for my dad he has been healed of liver cancer and know battlng kidney issue pray for me also to have strength for him and my mom to help any way i can

Please Pray for the Complete Healing from Covid and Pneumonia for my Mother currently fighting for her life in the hospital. In Jesus Name Amen!


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