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The Fish - Prayer Requests

Prayer Request Center

Please pray for my friend, Scott. He is a first responder. That he will remain healthy and his immune system stay strong. That he would not betray his own heart and marry someone he has declared he is not happy with. That the Lord will give him courage to stand up for this. That the Lord will give him a new heart and put a new spirit inside of him. That the Lord will bring dry bones to life. Lastly, that the Lord will send a godly person to share the love of God with him.

Please pray for me to get a peaceful sleep.

Please pray for me. I am so sad. I am not getting along with my family.

I need prayer for my family.

I have asked Christ into my heart long time ago. I struggle with doubts about salvation.

I’m needing to trade my car and need prayers so I can trade Ephesians 4:12 I need God unimaginable power please thank you and God bless

Please pray for my daughter Lauren. She is experiencing extreme sadness to the point she went to counseling today for it. We are not sure what is causing it, but we know God can fix it. Thanks in advance.

My girls have been in foster care for 2.5 years. The caseworker that we have just lies on her reports. I need prayer for reunification, and for the truth to come out and my girls are home where they belong. Thank you in advance.

Savannah and Isaiah would soon get baptized. Bret would stop drinking. Mark would stop drugs.Miranda and her 3 girls: Madison, Madeline, Meredith for more faith, hope, peace, power, love, growth, joy, wisdom, knowledge, protection. The prayer wall at my church. Deeper faith for prayer partners both near and far. Keith would find more sustainable work. Rosy would find work. I have two big tests coming up--God would have mercy on me as I pursue my certifications. Alex's battalion is being deployed--God have mercy. 7 silent requests. 1 special request. I have to make certain decision in the next two months: wisdom, wisdom, wisdom, wisdom, and faith. David P and his family would move forward and make the right choices—wisdom and peace. James, Tracey, Jack, and Rob would accept the deeper truths of the Bible. Thanks

Good morning. Pray for my marriage. My husband often disappears for longer periods of time and doesn't answer his phone. I ask that the Lord will help him to stop this negative habit because it hurting our relationship. I also want us to arguing and to just be happy. Thank you.

Please be in prayer for one of my friends . He is going in for surgery. He has been having bad headaches. I want to be with him but with this virus , I can't. Please pray for his doctors and his nurses.

Please continue to pray for my friend. He is getting better but he is still in isolation.

I've started to sporadically have a loss of sensation in my right leg and arm and the doctor is not sure what is causing it. I have an appointment sometime this week with a neurologist. Please pray for the healing of whatever might be the cause.

Please pray for me in general. Thank you

My son Colby suffers from depression and deep sadness. He is really struggling with it right now. Please pray that God intervenes and the Holy Spirit fills his mind with peace, joy, and love.


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