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Please pray for a home maintenance issue. Kitchen drain not draining as it should. Water is running out of the house siding and not the pipes. Praying that drain pipe issue is above ground and not under patio or concrete slab which could be thousands of dollars I do not have. Having hole cut in siding next week to see what is going on. I am a single senior citizen and a woman with no knowledge of home repairs. Insurance will not cover cutting siding or replacing it or repair of pipes. I know God has this but I am so scared of not having the money to take care of this. Thank you for the love you show for your listeners. Linda Spinosa


Please pray for our son stevey to overcome drugs and immorality and turn his heart and mind over to Gods will for his life.

We have 2 men who work with us who are difficult & controlling. Please pray our heart will soften for them & we will love them with the love of Jesus & pray for their hearts & souls.

My Uncle Jesse lives in a small town in Mississippi and has been in the hospital on a respirator since July 9th. It is NOT Covid-19 but a bad lung infection and double pneumonia. They put him in a medicated coma to help with his breathing. Last week they started to try and bring him out of the coma but he has not responded. They are in the process of trying to relocate him to a long care facility in Nashville. Asking for prayers for him to wake up and start breathing on his own, for a bed to open up in Nashville so he can be transferred to get the care he needs and also for his wife, my Aunt Linda. She is exhausted & so worried about him. We know God is the mighty healer but we also know that there is power in prayer. Thank you

Please Pray for my Marriage my Husband of 13 years told me he’s not sure about our Marriage anymore and I am devastated and not sure what to do, this is not the first time he has said this. I am not ready to give up and told him I am not giving up until he tells me its over but I know I can’t do this alone, I’m scared and know I can only get through this through Prayer. Stephanie and Travis

Please pray for my daughter to be healed from a heart disease that’s trying to kill her. She is a young mother. We all love and need her. Thank you so much. I’m trying to be brave but I’m scared for her and my grandson.

My wife still wants divorce but i feel God working. I’m not sure in which direction but he has changed me already and is continually working on our behalf. I’m praying for supernatural healing over her heart and our marriage. I believe in His will. Not mine. Not hers. Amen

Please pray that my wife and I can work things out. She is ready to leave and end our marriage. Pray for real healing in her heart and to believe there is still something there for to fight for our family

Please pray for my best friend Mohammed. He is currently facing a difficult situation that could result with him being deported. He grew up here, has family, friends, and children of his own here in the U.S. He is currently being detained in an immigration facility and has a court date coming up. Pray for him to be able to stay here in the United states and pray for his judge to have compassion for him to let him stay here. He needs all the prayer he can get, he is in fear that he may never see his kids or family again if he does get deported. Thank you!

Please pray for my son who is 29 struggling to find his way. He feels broken and lost diagnosed with bipolar depression but won’t take meds or go to counseling. He drinks to excess every day to “not feel “ anything. He feels like a failure all of the lies saten tells him. My son has been saved but is not in church now. Idk how to help him other than to pray for him. His name is William, thank you so much

Prayers for me and my wife who recently got sick not sure that it’s covid or what but she has had up and down feverish temperatures and I have been coughing and allergy like symptoms a little worse than allergies prayers for our family through having to take off from our jobs and try to focus on our Health! Thanks again


I am having a biopsy tomorrow to see if this mass of something is the cancer coming back. I don’t want to go through all that again. Want my life back so I can help others. Diana

Prayers please for my son who is experiencing great pain due to an injury parachuting with the German Elite Paratroopers 25 years ago. He has had so many surgeries and now suffers nerve damage in his neck, back, leg and bladder. He has been told it will only get worse for him which is now causing extreme anxiety and depression. I ask that God, the Great Physician and Healer to heal now of all his pain.

I have a Big Brother that I love very much but he got a bad heart and a bad liver and he needs both and will be in the hospital for 12 hours or if he waits on one it maybe be better. But we do not know how it will come out and I know my god is good and more or one comes together and prays that god is a good god and he can fix it and make him better right? I love him and it hurts me so I need everybody helping me to pray for him and he's family please... God Bless You All..

I have several medical problems that are causing a lot of pain. With a high deductible insurance, I can't afford to have 3 of the problems taken care of. Please pray that God will relieve some of the pain. Also pray for my family to truly understand why I can't do all the things I did a few years ago. They say they understand, but I can see it in their faces that they long to do some of the things I can no longer do.


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