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My 5-week old granddaughter received severe head trauma, shoulder bruising, abrasions under her chin and a busted lip at the hands of her father. She lays in a children's hospital fighting for her life. The medical report says if she survives, she will be disabled (brain damage), but we know God can turn this around. Her 2-year-old brother was also beaten, but his injuries are not hospital level. Please pray for our little Ella, her mother, and my grandson Beau.

Please pray for me.

asking for prayers for my husband ! He lost his job like 3 weeks ago and nothing yet ! needing prayer for God to open the right doors .

I need prayers for my daughter who is going through some health issues and some things that are going to be life changing. I pray for healing for her and for her to turn to God for the guidance, direction and clarity she needs.

This prayer request isn't for me. It's for a friend of mine who is very sick. He is on dialysis, running a high fever (103) and they have found an infection, but do not know where it is. He has a wife and 5 year old boy. Please find it in your heart to add him to your prayer list. Thank you.

I am having surgery on my elbow and wrist tomorrow due to pinched nerves and numbness in my hand. Please pray for a successful surgery and quick healing.

Please pray for hea..dealing with past pain and hurt from my estranged father who passed away in dec..and it is really affecting my relationship with my fiancee..and i need to communicate with him all that im feeling but im crippled with fear to share n be vulnerable with him...please pray for Gods words n wisdom.thank you

Hi, please pray for absolute deliverance from all afflicitions, issues including anger and malice, and our trials for my loved ones and myself. It's been a tough time for us. May we be set free forever, healed and given infinite mercy. May the Lord also stop these trials in our lives and give us a new peaceful season. Thank you so much!

The mobile home park where my 77-year-old mother lives, has been sold. She has till the end of March to find another place to live with her without her trailer. She is extremely low income and it’s very hard to find a place. I do not have room for the finances to help her. Please pray. She also needs a place where she could have her cats march to find another place to live with or without her trailer. She is extremely low income and it’s very hard to find a place. I do not have room for the finances to help her. Please pray. She also needs a place where she could have her cat

Please pray for me. I am so sad. I am not getting along with my family. Some things have happened since my Daddy died 2 years ago. I am in a violent relationship with my husband. I am scared. Please pray for me that I will know what direction I need to go. I also need to go back to church. I have not gone for several months. I know that I need Jesus. Please help me.

My 34 year old brother, Ryan, has stage 4 colon cancer. Although the tumor was removed, the cancer has spread to his liver, causing him severe pain, the cancer is terminal. Ryan is married and has two young children, please pray for comfort and peace for this precious family.

I want you to pray for me because my neighbor does witchcraft and they wish for my downfall. My ex is named Orlando and the neighbor that practices witchcraft wishes that me and my ex dont ever get back together. They bother me every day and have bad wishes towards me.

Hi, have a great day! Please, continue to pray for Chelsee and myself. She is going thru a tough time with her parents and family. They need healing, forgiveness and healthy communication between them. Please, also pray for the Lord to deliver us of all trials, spiritual warfare, anything we're going thru and just set us free. May God protect us always and bless me as I hope for over all these difficult situation. And for the Lord to bless me, my relationship as I righteously like and protrct me and Chelss forever. Take it from anyone to harm or rob us in anyway as I been hoping for. Thanks so much! :)

I'm having surgery on 2/7 and will be in recovery for 6-8 weeks. Please pray that everything goes smoothly and my anxiety subsides.

I found Jesus I need help finding christian girl friends


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