Cochren & Co. Releases Sophomore Album ‘Running Home’

It's been 2 years since Gotee Records’ Cochren & Co. released their debut album, Don’t Lose Hope.  Now, singer/songwriter and worship leader Michael Cochren and wife Leah, release a strong sophomore offering, Running Home, which released on February 3rd.

Blurring the lines between American pop/rock and soul/blues to create a classic sound all their own, the 10-song project features hope-filled lyrics and timeless melodies.

“This album is all about running into the arms of God,” shares Michael Cochren, frontman for Cochren & Co. “It’s my story, but I also believe it’s the story of anyone who has found themselves far from home spiritually. We’ve all heard the saying there’s no place like home. When I think of what ‘home’ means, I think of comfort, rest, safety, and love. When we go off looking for these things in the broken world, we will never find them. Ultimately, we only find what we need when we return to our loving God.”

 “Running Home” was co-written by Matthew West and Jeff Pardo, as well as also produced by Pardo (2022 Dove Awards Producer of the Year). Additional producers for the project include Chris Stevens (Gloria Gaynor), Kyle Williams (We Are Messengers) and David Leonard (All Sons & Daughters).  Running Home also features guest vocalist Josh Baldwin on the song “The Final Say.”

He continues, “The title track is an anthem declaring, I’m done running away, I’m running home! And for my story, in my wandering years when it became more and more clear that the things I was using to fill my emptiness were really making me more empty, like the prodigal son, I began feeling a draw on my heart to return to my spiritual home. Yet I had this fear in my mind that God was just waiting for me in anger, to punish me. But that’s not how the parable ends… the father runs to greet the son, throws a robe around his back, a ring on his finger, a kiss on his cheek, and then they throw a party for him! I received this welcome from God, and that’s the welcome that’s waiting for anyone who says: I’m done running away, I’m running home!”

Cochren & Co. will be back again this year on the upcoming 2023 TobyMac Hits Deep Tour that will also feature CROWDER, Tasha Layton, Jon Reddick and Terrian.


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