We Are Messengers - 'Love' (Official Music Video)

Coming onto We Are Messengers' Power album as an after-thought to complete the song listing for the record, "Love" has become an inspired infectious song.

Catch We Are Messengers' video of "Love"....

In an interview/performance with CCM Magazine We Are Messengers lead singer Darren Mulligan said that the song love came as a Divine response to some very human emotions.

This song came out of a walk home one night from a restaurant back to our hotel room after a show, where I was feeling really isolated, really lost at sea.

And I was just chatting with the Lord and (bandmate) Kyle sent these chords through, and by the time we got back to the hotel room, this song had come into existence.  And it’s really just a conversation with God, asking Him, What do we do when we feel like that?  And He essentially said, “Remember all of this is not about being good, it’s about being in love.”

So this song is the most joyful song that We Have Messengers have ever done in a long long time because it’s how we feel, it’s who we are, and He’s all we ever really wanted.

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