Tenth Avenue North Launches Website Devoted to Healing & Community - RedemptionWins.com

When their music career took off in 2008 with unprecedented speed and scope, the members of Tenth Avenue North had no idea the depth and dimension their career would take out in the concert halls.  Fan interaction consisted of the usual autographs and pictures; but unexpectedly, many times it consisted of hearing the heartbreaking cares of fans all across the country.  From divorce to drug abuse to cancer to financial ruin, the band heard stories that both broke their hearts and moved them to action.

Consequently, the members of Tenth Avenue North launched the website RedemptionWins.com.  Designed specifically as a web destination for the hurting, RedemptionWins.com contains forums where visitors can leave prayer requests, find emergency hotline talk phone numbers, and a collection of the compelling sermon video blogs that lead singer Mike Donehey has collected through the years. 

"As we have met people all across the country, we have said what can we do when someone who comes to us with a story and we don’t know what to do next with them?   We know we can’t do much, but let’s figure out what the next step could be.This question has led us to create RedemptionWins.com. 

Redemption Wins is a place to find help, to find tools, and to find hope.  We call it Redemption Wins because we believe that perfection doesn’t win. It is when we admit that we are weak and we need a savior, that’s when we find healing.
So our hope is that we can be the next link in someones story getting them a little closer to redemption and finding hope, grace, and Jesus."

A sample of Mike's video talks:

We hope it will help those who may be struggling with an issue of life. Quoted from the website, it is our sentiment as well -- "Wherever you are, you are loved."

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