Sidewalk Prophets - "Prodigal" (Official Music Video)

Sidewalk Prophets is so excited to share their brand new music video for "Prodigal"! They had a great time making this video, and hope you love watching it! The band felt confident that this video really represents the heart of the song - no matter where you are or what you've done, you can always run to the God who loves you!

Interestingly, the video was shot just outside of Nashville, TN in an old plantation home. Actually, it was about 100 degrees that day, with the band shooting both inside and outside and it was HOT. The end product is a video that illustrates the heart of this song, and is meant to tell the stories of many of the people Sidewalk Prophets has come in to contact the past year.

In a press statement, the band exclaimed, "We’ve met lots of mothers, fathers, friends, brothers and sisters who have experienced first hand what it feels like to have wandered far from home or had someone they are extremely close to walk away without explanation. There IS hope for the lost and weary, and “Prodigal” hopes to whisper a small bit of encouragement for those struggling with being lost, or knowing someone struggling to find their way home."

Visit www.SidewalkProphets­.com for more information.


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