Mandisa - "Bleed The Same" (Official Music Video)

In light of the rise of racial tension that has come upon our country, Mandisa was moved to write this anthem that tells us we have more in common than we do separately. 

Featuring both TobyMac and Kirk Franklin, here's the official music video for "Bleed the Same".  

Collaborating with artists TobyMac and Kirk Franklin, Mandisa came up with a song for the Church as well as the culture.  In a recent interview in CCM Magazine, she spoke from her heart about  why a song like this needs to be conveyed; stating that it's a balm that our wounded and divided culture needs at this crucial time....

It was Fourth Of July week 2016. On the fifth of July, there was a shooting of a black man by police. On the sixth of July, there was another shooting of a black man by police. And on the seventh of July, there was a shooting in Dallas of policemen by a black man. I just remember feeling like the world was falling apart.

I’m just going to put it out there… I am one of very few black women in contemporary Christian music, and I have black nephews and I have black brothers. One of my brothers is a police officer. Honestly, I didn’t know what to say in those moments. I knew I would offend somebody, no matter what I would say.

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