Jonny Diaz - "Breathe" (Official Lyric Video)

In the midst of our frantic frenetic pace, what is God's response to us? still...and breathe.

When life is out of control, just listen to this restoring song by Jonny Diaz, with the official lyric video of his song, "Breathe".

“Breathe” provides a glimpse into the frenetic pace of life Diaz navigated during the writing process of his album, Everything Changes. Musically, the song gives listeners space for respite as the up-tempo verses slow down to a crawl in the chorus, as if the singer is literally taking a breath. “I realized I’m not the only one feeling that way, and I think a lot of listeners can relate to that,” Diaz notes of the song centered on finding rest in the midst of the rat race. He also reminds us that the things that often keep us busy aren’t always bad with the lyric: “Lay down what’s good, and find what’s best.”

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