Big Daddy Weave - "The Lion and the Lamb" (Official Lyric Video)

Big Daddy Weave comes out with this anthem of adoration and praise, painting a picture of the coming of the King! 
Here's the official lyric video of "Lion And The Lamb", sung by Big Daddy Weave, so you can sing along!

From CCM

The original members of Big Daddy Weave met and formed the band in college at the University of Mobile (front man, Mike Weaver, and bassist Jay Weaver are brothers). The group released their debut with Word Entertainment in 2002. After years of non-stop touring, as the five members began the recording process for 2012’s Love Come To Life, the album that featured “Redeemed,” they considered throwing in the towel. With wives and kids at home, leaving for tour runs became increasingly harder, and the repercussions of constant road life were beginning to take their toll. In addition, the band members experienced a season of intense grief as they lost loved ones and Redmon’s personal residence—which houses the studio where Big Daddy Weave records—caught fire and burned to the ground. The odds were stacked against them, and the men weren’t sure if moving forward with music was even an option. 

Then God did the unthinkable, and Love Come To Life became the biggest success story of the band’s tenure. No one was more surprised with the success of their last album and acclaimed single than Weaver & Co. “You have no idea how God can use [you],” the front man says. “He can even use you when simply being transparent about your own brokenness. That, for me, was the biggest shocker.”

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