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Matthew West - Story Behind "Do Something" (Plus Live Performance)

"Do Something" by Matthew West motivates us to make a difference in the world with good works. 
Here, Matthew gives us the amazing, inspiring story that gave birth to this motivational song!

Mandisa - Back To You (Lyric Video)

Here's Mandisa singing her latest single, "Back to You".  Can it top the mega-hit "Overcomer" has been?  Give it a listen and see if you like it as much!

Jamie Grace, "Do Life Big" (Official Lyric Video)

Just when you thought Jamie Grace's songs couldn't get any funner, along comes her new single, "Do Life Big"!
Make sure you do life big today!

Brandon Heath Q&A - What Christian Artist Inspire You?

As part of the "Ask Brandon Heath" video series, Brandon talks about his early Christian musical influences.

Today's question is from Shiloh in New Jersey:
"Are there any Christian artists that inspired your earlier music?"

Brandon Heath - Questions In the Truck

Have you ever wanted to ask Brandon Heath ("Jesus in Disguise") personal questions?  Here, Brandon answers a whole slew of fan questions - from food to sports to music to life - Brandon bears all!

Video: Group 1 Crew, "He Said" (feat. Chris August) Official Music Video

You HAVE to check out the official music video for Group 1 Crew's smash hit, "He Said" (feat. Chris August).  Over 13,000 views on its first day online!  Yeah, it's THAT good!

HILLSONG Presents: The Power of the Name

Year after year, new music spills forth from Hillsong. Week after week, thousands of people pour into the seats and pews of Hillsong’s multiple campuses; and their live events invariably affirm their global following. This indicates that Hillsong is engaging and affecting the world. But who is Hillsong?

From the latest issue of the free, digital edition CCM Magazine!

Sidewalk Prophets Making of the Video: "Keep Making Me"

Perhaps you've seen the amazing music video of Sidewalk Prophets' single, Keep Making Me - and the beautiful stop-motion animation in it.
Here, the band talks about who did the video and what it took to put such an artistic feat together.

Sidewalk Prophets - "Keep Making Me" (official music video)

Watch the amazing official music video of "Keep Making Me" by Sidewalk Prophets. 
The video has some beautiful stop-motion animation by Elizabeth Cardella that took One year and 175+ hours of work!

Casting Crowns - What Does It Mean to Thrive?

Casting Crowns latest album is titled, Thrive.  Here, members of the band tell not only the meaning of the album, but how that term "thrive" is applicable to each of our lives.

Natalie Grant Sings for Family Caught Up in Elaborate Hoax

Natalie Grant ("Hurricane") was recently the subject of a cruel hoax using a photo of a family's cancer-stricken daughter.  But what was meant for evil, turned out for good.
Find out the inside story!

Chris Tomlin - Waterfall (Lyrics And Chords)

Chris Tomlin brings us his single, "Waterfall", which conveys God's love showering down on us constantly

If you're a musician, worship leader, closet musician, or just love to sing in the shower, Chris has included lyrics and guitar chords for you!

How Is Phil Wickham's Voice?

Phil Wickham ("This is Amazing Grace") recently had serious surgery done to his vocal cords - with a chance that it could end his singing career.
Phil gives us this update on his recovery and his ability to return to ministry through song.

for KING & COUNTRY - Behind The Song: "Fix My Eyes"

Get an inside look at the inspiration behind the song "Fix My Eyes" from for KING & COUNTRY's sophomore record, Run Wild. Live Free. Love Strong.

Letters From Mike - Who is God?

Tenth Avenue North singer Mike Donehey pens a thoughtful devotional on one possible explanation of who God is.

You'll be encouraged and intrigued by Mike's keen insights. 

Big Daddy Weave - "The Only Name (Yours Will Be)"

In the rush of life, it's good to know there's only one thing that will matter in the end!  Here's Big Daddy Weave to help us remember this truth - with their hit, "The Only Name (Yours Will Be)"

David Crowder: Believer

Few artists have shaped the Christian music industry as significantly as David Crowder. His debut solo release, Neon Steeple, dropped May 27. And while we could tell you all about it, it’s probably best to hear from David himself about the music, his faith and his new normal. In his own words…

From the latest issue of the free, digital edition CCM Magazine!
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