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Phil Wickham Recovering After Vocal Surgery

We asked Phil Wickham ("This Is Amazing Grace") how he is, after having surgery on his vocal cords.  Phil noticed increasing hoarseness and inability to finish concerts because of polyps on his vocal cords.

Phil gives us an update

Brandon Heath Ties the Knot

Over Memorial Day weekend, Brandon Heath ("Give Me Your Eyes") exchanged vows and is now a married man!
Find out more!

Crowder - Story Behind The Song "I Am"

David Crowder ("How He Loves") has embarked on a new chapter in his career; with a new band, a new sound, and a new song, "I Am".  David gets us up to speed on what all this sounds like!

Building 429, "Press On" (Live and Unplugged)

Building 429 gives us a special unplugged performance of their groovy tune, "Press On (Wrecking Ball)".  We love all the embellishments Building 429 has added to this version over the album track!
An exclusive performance from the Salem Music Stations!

What Was Michael W. Smith's Approach in Writing "Sovereign"?

During release week if his album, "Sovereign", we caught up with Christian Music icon Michael W. Smith to ask him, after so many records to his credit, what was his musical approach in creating the album, "Sovereign".
An exclusive interview!!

Matthew West, "Restored" (Amazing Testimony Plus Live Performance)

Matthew West ("Hello My Name Is") has penned another powerful song, based on the God-touched healing in people's lives - this time the restoration of a broken marriage.
You'll be touched as you watch the testimony of the couple on which the song was based, and Matthew's performance.

Jeremy Camp "I Still Believe" Tour Recap

Jeremy Camp ("Come Alive") takes us backstage and on-stage for the last two shows of his enormous worldwide "I Still Believe" Tour! 
Jeremy and his wife Adrienne both give us some special final thoughts on the tour. 

Phil Wickham Undergoes Surgery on Vocal Cords

Phil Wickham ("This is Amazing Grace") faces surgery on his vocal cords after discovering potentially career-ending polyps.
Find out more!

Michael W. Smith Talks Candidly - the Downside of Being in Both Christian and Pop Genres

Christian music icon Michael W. Smith has had amazing success in both Christian and secular music, with hits like "I Will Be Here for You".  We asked him what was the downside to being a top artist in both the Christian music and pop music genres.

An exclusive video interview!
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