The Compassion Journey @ Brush Hill CP Church

The Compassion Journey is a free event that connects visitors to some of the realities faced by children growing up in extreme poverty. Step into a new culture, see life from a different perspective and participate in thought-provoking conversations with the rest of your group during this audio-guided journey through a series of interactive exhibits. Register at to attend or volunteer. You are also welcome to worship with us on Sunday, March 15 at 10:00 am and hear the powerful testimony of Edgar Benitez from the Dominican Republic. He is a formerly sponsored child and now lives in the United States as an adult. He will tell about his experiences growing up in an impoverished and violent neighborhood and how sponsorship through Compassion released him from extreme poverty and brought him to Christ.


Brush Hill CP Church
3705 Brush Hill Rd
Nashville, TN 37216
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