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4 Spiritual Disciplines to Remember as You Climb the Corporate Ladder

Striving for improvement and progress is to be applauded. It's easy to find great articles at the push of a button on how to develop and improve habits for success. For example, great articles like “Five Things Successful People Do” by Ben Hargrove in the Forbes newsletter emphasize that success requires hard work and creating processes that will yield measurable results. Jack Kelly’s recommendations for success in “How To Become Super Successful In 2024” include that we must remain adaptable to new opportunities and stay relevant in our field of expertise.As we are striving to be successful in this world, which is often described as "climbing the corporate ladder," the Christian believer has additional disciplines to add to our repertoire of tools for success. The typical recommendations for success, if they do not conflict with our Christian beliefs, can be worthy of implementation.Courtney Jacob describes spiritual discipline as “... training exercises for the spiritual life… to aid our spiritual growth as disciples of Christ and deepen our relationship with God.” At the core of our Christian life are the principles that guide us in our daily living. When we want to develop in any specific area of our lives, like physical fitness, it requires discipline. Discipline requires diligence and consistency to bring the desired results.The following spiritual disciplines are important to remember as you continue to climb the ladder of success:Photo Credit: ©GettyImages/nd3000

10 Ways to Deal with Difficult Co-Workers

Working in a dream environment is a goal for most of us. But when the dream turns into a toxic nightmare, how do we climb out of bed every morning and make ourselves go to work? What are some practical tools we can use in the workforce? And what is the Christian’s responsibility when dealing with difficult co-workers? Here are 10 ways to deal with difficult co-workers.Photo courtesy: ©GettyImages/fizkes

9 Ways to Nurture Your Career and Live Your Calling

In the busyness of our daily lives, it's easy to overlook the health of our careers.Like an annual checkup with a doctor ensures our physical well-being, a career checkup is crucial for our professional health. Assessing your career can lead to a more fulfilling and joyful work life, whether you stay in your current job or embark on a new adventure.This article explores nine ways to evaluate and nurture your career, allowing you to live your calling in 2024.Photo Credit: ©iStock/Getty Images Plus/PeopleImages

How Can I Tell if God Is Closing a Door?

God wants the best for us, and it will always be something better than we can ask, think, or imagine. Therefore, for all the doors He does close in our lives, how many more does God open?

What Does the Old Testament Say about Social Justice?

God’s expectation is not just that judicial justice would prevail. But that acting justly toward others would also be a priority. That we would be doing what is right in our dealings with other people. Rather than taking advantage of those who are weaker than we are, we should be using our strength to elevate them.

5 Ways Comparison Stifles Your Calling

There it was again, staring back at me as if taunting me, loudly proclaiming that I wasn't good enough. I should just give up. Quit! And for about three hours, that is exactly what I did. I moped, moaned, sulked, and cried. Then, essentially – I threw up my hands and gave up!That little pity party came shortly after reading a book from a fellow writer friend of mine who is extremely talented and has a true way with words. Yet, instead of being ever so proud of her and applauding her, I found my envious heart longing to be like her! I yearned so badly for her social media following, her skills, and her amazing way with words that called every one of her raving fans to the edge of their seats, waiting in anticipation for her next book to drop. Ugh!When my husband came home that evening, he found me making dinner with a serious and outwardly angry passion, so he cautiously placed down his briefcase, didn't say a word, and walked right on by. Let's just say he already knew it had been a day, so he bypassed his usual hug and went straight to the bedroom to change from his work clothes.Grr. Comparisons are the worst! Not only do they rob us of the gifts God has so graciously given us to share with others, but they put up walls between the ones we love.The truth is that, in some ways, comparison can be healthy if we use it to grow, refine, tweak, and improve our skills. Yet, on the other hand (and most of the time), we end up comparing our calling, essentially getting in our own way and hindering the mission God created us to do (Romans 12:6)!Thankfully, after dinner, my husband called out my glaringly obvious blind spot. While his words stung a bit, I was able to somewhat humble myself before God with my gaping heart, asking for areas in which I needed to grow.Not only that but a few weeks later, I was given the sweet opportunity to meet with my precious and very talented writer friend for lunch and genuinely applaud her for her great work while also seeking her forgiveness because I openly shared my secret envy. Her gentle response was all I needed to be reminded that grace really can run freely; that heavy burden of comparison became oh so light that day!So, maybe you struggle in this area, too. Well, you are not alone. But, friend, let's address the elephant in the room. We need to understand how unhealthy comparison (as I mentioned in the beginning) can stifle your calling. And, then, let's find a means to squelch it and seek grace. In other words, get you back to embracing your calling and living with purpose, glorying God!
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5 Signs Your Priorities Are Wrong

What we water will grow, but it’s important that we be intentional about what we water, otherwise, we may just realize one day that we were watering the wrong things.

What Does God Want Me to Do with My Life?

When you know your purpose in God, you live and walk with integrity. God wants you to live and walk in clarity. Knowing your purpose will help you live intentionally. It will give you a reason to live passionately every day.

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